Platform Integration

We are master in Integration services

Abundance of technology choice with service providers operating in their respective niche area has left a GAP in connecting applications and technology to seamlessly work and provide real time access to data and information. Probytes Software Integration services team understands this challenge of its customers and prospect and have team of experts who can help bridge communication between application and technology. Read more….

Integration of mobile application with web application
Cater IOS, Android app with Web Services

Almost our entire customer wanted to get onto the mobile world and we have successfully helped them integrate their mobile application with existing investment that went into their applications.

Cross platform integration
You want to get your dotnet application enterprise integrate with your web which is build using php or other scripting technology, no worries we do this day in day out and are well versed with best practice in integration applications build on different technology and platform

Hardware integration :- (Healthcare and Tracking Device)
We have integrated custom hardware from different hardware provides especially in the healthcare and tracking area, at times we had to code at hardware processor level, figure out how we can leverage on TCP/IP layers to ensure seamless connectivity between hardware and software application. You have a need let us know and we can provide you solutions that will work!

GEOTOOL -Now, Posting Your Ads is Easy!
How would you advertise about your newly opened venture to the people in your locality? You may say, “Through social media,” “through e-mails” or “by calling them.” But do all these media help in spreading the word to each and every person of the locality? Definitely NO! The next option will be “via post.” Yes! That is indeed a good solution. But where will you get the addresses of all houses or entities in the locality from? Now that is a dilemma. But we have a solution here –GEOLIST.

Wondering what Geolist is?
It is a website, rather a geomap tool, developed by ProBytes. You can use Geolist to get the addresses of houses or entities belonging to a particular locality. As of now, Geolist serves UK only.

How to access Geolist?
All you need to access Geolist is Internet and a browser. Signing up for Geolist website is as simple as signing up for any other websites.

What does Geolist consist of?
The first thing you see once you log into the Geolist website is a map of UK. At the top right of the site, you have an option to change the map’s view into satellite view. There, you also have the facility to view the map with or without labels.
The other features of Geolist include:

  • Select Area
  • My lists
  • My orders
  • Help
  • Chat box
  • User profile
  • My invoices

These features are explained below.

Select Area
With this feature, you can select the locality of your choice on the map. You can draw a shape over the locality on the map using the shape tools given. Then, by left-clicking the shape, you can calculate and save the selected area to get the information regarding number of households and businesses belonging to the area. You can then purchase the addresses.
You can also use the find tool where you can select the locality in terms of

  • Registered location
  • Post code
  • Town
  • County
  • Google search
  • Exact location, which requires GPS

My lists
This feature lists the information regarding each selection a user has made. The categories include:

  • List Number
  • Map selection ID
  • Type
  • Name
  • Area in Miles
  • Households
  • Businesses
  • Total Locations
  • Date of creation
  • Menu

My orders
Mentions the orders made by a user so far, in order to purchase the data of a particular locality. The categories include:

  • List Number
  • Map selection ID
  • Type
  • Name
  • Area in Miles
  • Households
  • Businesses
  • Total
  • Status
  • Invoice
  • Download
  • Upload

This section provides support in case the user needs any help regarding the website. Users can ask any queries they have to the support team with this feature.

Chat box
The page comes with a chat box, where you can connect directly to the support team for your doubts and enquiries.

User profile
You can easily edit the information you entered at the time you signed up with this feature.

My invoices
This feature lists the payments made for purchasing the addresses in Geolist. The categories include:

  • My invoices
  • Invoice number
  • Date Raised
  • Total Shapes
  • Status
  • Action
  • Download invoice

How Geolist works?
With Geolist, you can get the addresses of household or businesses of a locality or you can directly post your ads or brochures via Geolist.

  • To get addresses:
  • Sign up
  • Select area
  • Order
  • Pay

There, you have the list at your finger tips.

To post ads or brochures directly:

  • Sign up
  • Select area
  • Upload ad or brochure
  • Pay

There, you have your ads or brochures sent to all addresses in the locality.

Geolist, with its unique features is of great use to people. The advantages of Geolist are:

User-friendly interface
Geolist has a simple and unique interface that any common user can use.

Choose any area
Geolist does not mind the size of the area you choose. You can get the addresses of all houses and businesses of the chosen area without any troubles.

Effortless and cost-effective
Think of how much time and energy you will have to waste while browsing for the addresses of a locality or going through directories. Geolist saves you from that. You can get the data at an affordable price.

Due to its variable features and the purpose it serves to the fullest, Geolist is a tool that can come handy to people who believe in promoting their business to reach a larger audience.

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